Simon Couch

Simon Couch

Statistics Student & R Developer

Reed College

Hi there, I’m Simon! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

I’m currently wrapping up my Bachelor’s in math/statistics (minor in sociology) at Reed College and maintaining a few R packages. I’ll be starting my PhD in Biostatistics at Johns Hopkins this fall.

Most recently, I’ve been focusing on developing {stacks}, an R package for stacked ensemble modeling that aligns with the {tidymodels} ecosystem. This began as an internship project at RStudio, and is now the focus of my undergraduate thesis.

I care about data science, statistics, and the informed application of these practices in empowering and articulating social arguments.

I’m always glad to talk about carrying more inclusive masculinities, especially in technical settings.

If you’d like to support this blog and/or maintenance on {broom}, {infer}, and {stacks}, you can buy me a coffee.